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Who We Help:

Healthy Start

Under 1,000 subscriptions that wants helping building a great subscription program.

  • Learn the right strategy for selling subscriptions

  • Not sure what apps you need in addition to your subscription software

  • Determine the right way to onboard and communicate with subscribers

  • What to focus on and what to ignore to grow subscriptions

Nurture & Grow

A brand with over 1,000 subscriptions that wants help unlocking more growth.

  • Need subscription leadership on your team

  • Acquire more subscribers and retain existing ones longer

  • Plug gaps and find quick wins

  • Develop a long-term strategy for growing subscriptions

  • Better reports, analytics and understanding of what's happening on subscriptions

The docTOR is in

Matthew Holman, Subscription Specialist

Matt's first foray into subscriptions came as the marketing leader for a subscription software startup.

With access to data from hundreds of subscription brands, he started training and educating his own customers on what would unlock sustainable subscription growth.

Subscription Prescription started to help any brand on any software figure out the complexities of subscriptions. His approach is direct, simple, but profound. With a deep dive into what ails your program, Matt will identify quick and easy wins, while laying the groundwork for strong growth.

What People Are Saying...

"Matthew had some incredible insights to help us focus on growth for our subscription program. It is not easy to figure out how to expand subscription, but Subscription Doc has the insights to help you do it. Highly recommend!"

Daniel Okon, ACTIV

"Don't mind me, just over here totally relieved and grateful I had a call with the Subscription Doc to unwind the rat's nest my brain had become over a subscription box. Soooo much more clarity, and an easy go-forward plan. They are amazing. "

Susan Wenograd, Cantdles

"Matthew provided a wealth of knowledge on all things subscriptions! He was a great listener and asked very insightful questions that got me thinking about how best to build a subscription, and more importantly, the customer journey using a data-driven approach. It is clear he has a genuine passion for subscriptions and is dedicated to serving those around him."

Lauren Creech, AdaRose

"Subscription Doc has gone above-and-beyond to support me with highly specific and actionable steps we can take to improve our subscription offering. It's been a breathe of fresh air to be able to turn to Matthew and get his take on all these thorny questions and issues. Thank you, Subscription Doc!”

Ian Temple, Soundfly

"Subscription Doc's forward-thinking mindset has brought fresh strategies to tackle issues like churn rate and revenue growth. In our chats, they've shared insights that fit where we are now and ideas for untapped opportunities. They took the time to understand our business's nuances, and their feedback was genuinely helpful."

Melissa Dugan, Pharmstrong

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